Depending on your plan you get access to more activities as well as event customizations.

What are retrospective activities and how can I use them?

Retrospective activities are flow variations on retrospective events. 

If your team is on a paid plan, the facilitator can select a retrospective activity from a list of templates or create custom ones.

On free plan, only the "Start, Stop, Continue doing" activity is available.

How can I know if my team is interested in event customizations?

Event customizations have to do with options to override default behavior on planning poker, retrospective and standup meetings. The following customization are available:

Planning poker customizations:

  • Set the planning poker card values, e.g. T-shirt, Powers of two, Five fingers, custom
  • Allow only the planning poker initiator to close voting in Slack integration

Standup customizations:

  • Modify the 3 standup questions
  • Modify the timebox duration of synchronous standup (15 minutes by default)
  • Modify the async standup timeout (12 hours by default)

Retrospective customizations:

  • Enable full anonymity on retrospective notes (the name of the note author is visible by default)
  • Modify the number of votes per member on the voting stage (5 votes per member by default)
  • Allow votes to be fully visible on voting stage (hidden by default)