When an account is locked your company and team members cannot perform a Team O'clock event. You still have access to the administration area of Team O'clock where you can see all your data.

Why is my account locked?

An account might be locked due to two reasons:

  1. Limit of monthly active members is exceeded. This is caused when more people participate in Team O'clock events while your account does not support them. Still, in order for account lock to take effect, Team O'clock offers a 7 days grace period where administrators of your account can take an action to prevent locking. When a limit is exceeded all administrators are informed for the incident via email and all users can see a system message with information on the interface.
  2. A payment failed. This happens when our billing partner fails to charge your credit card after 3 unsuccessful retries within a week. When this happens you will need to update your billing details with a valid credit card so that the system can retry the charge.

How can I unlock my account?

  1. If your account is locked due to monthly active members limit, visits the Members page in the administration area and delete team members until you reach your account's monthly active members limit (for Free plan: 5 members, for Starter plan: 20 members, for Standard plan: 50 members). However note that all data related to the deleted members will be lost. Alternatively, you can upgrade to a higher subscription plan.
  2. If your account is locked due to failed payment, your account will be instantly unlocked when the payment issues are resolved.

If you are an administrator, you will also receive an email with directions on what you can do to unlock your account and avoid disrupting your teams workflow.

Will my account be locked forever?

In case your account is locked due to limit violation, it will be reset when the new monthly cycle starts. Monthly cycles reflects the day an account created on Team O'clock and is not the first of month.