The easiest thing to do is group similar notes. To do that simply drag one note on top of another. Grouped notes have a parent note that will take all votes and "represent" the group during the discussion stage.

f your team agrees to keep only one of the notes you can delete all other notes that are duplicates.
To do so:

  • Hover each note and click "Edit" link displayed on the rightmost side of the note
  • On the input, remove the content of the note and press enter

There is no "Edit" option on the note, what can I do?

If you can't see the "Edit" option when hovering the note, the retrospective is at the "Discussion & action items" step, where action items are added.
To edit a note:

  • Click on "Back to board" link on the bottom left side
  • Edit notes as described above
  • Click "I'm done" button

Going back to board when in Discussion & action items step affects all team!