Team O'clock is a tool built for teams doing agile, e.g. Scrum.

Its purpose is to optimize the scrum events, such as the daily standup, sprint planning and sprint retrospective.

For example, some of the key issues that break a good standup are:

  • Team members report to the scrum master instead of the whole team
  • The 15 minute timebox of the standup is often violated
  • People get technical and lengthy beating the purpose of a short sync up meeting
  • Some members might arrive late and not attend the standup having the side effect of not having a fixed start meeting time

Team O'clock tries to facilitate all the above by taking the role of the scrum master.

The core of the system is the Organization.

The organization has a set of Users which are the employees of the organization.

Each organization has a set of scrum Teams who do standups every day or retrospectives at the end of a sprint.