To access the dashboard page you click on your organization logo, the topmost item in the left menu column.

In the dashboard you can see all the features that Team O'clock offers organised in three categories:

  • Meetings to help you achieve team alignment, including retrospective, standup and planning poker
  • Agility journey tools for setting and monitoring your organization's and team goals, including Agile maps and your timeline
  • Integrations to help you connect with other tools you are using, including Slack, Microsoft Teams and Jira.

On all the supported features there is a quick start button, to help you take the most important action for that feature.

Additionally, for all meeting, Agile maps and the timeline you will see an indicator of all the active parts on each feature displayed as an overlay message.

Specifically for all the meeting types, that activity is reflecting meetings in progress that you can participate for each meeting type.

Clicking on the overlay area you will see all the meetings in progress. Hovering with your mouse on each meeting you have options to join or cancel.