To view and manage the users of an organization click the "Members" option on the top menu.

There is a list of all the users. In the list you can see available information about that users as well as the role and some of the teams that each user is a member of.

In case a member is not actively using Team O'clock services, you will see an "Inactive" text next to the member's role.

You can search for a specific member by typing on the search input on the top of the screen. If you are an administrator you can add more members by clicking the "Add member" button.

When adding a member there are three available roles to choose:

  • Administrator, which has full access on Team O'clock admin pages.
  • Manager, which can create new teams and add members
  • Member, which can view all admin pages but can edit only her own profile.

When you edit an existing member as administrator or your profile you get options to change your full name, avatar and email. If you are an administrator you can also change the user's role. There are also shortcut links for that user's teams and analytics.

Deleting a user

To delete an existing user you need to be an organization administrator.

Starting from the members list, select the user you want to delete to view this member's details. From that interface click on the "DELETE" button on the top right corner.