You can access analytics from the header menu.

The analytics page is a dashboard of the last 5 workdays for your teams, meetings and planning poker sessions performance.

The widget on the top left is showing a usage summary for the current week. Below that widget is the list of active users avatars.

The widgets on the right side are:

  • Standup meetings activity, broken down by team.
  • Retrospective meetings activity and participation,
  • Planning poker sessions overview and break down on three effort levels.

Team analytics

Clicking on a team list line will transfer you to a 30 days breakdown for that team. This page contains a graph at the top showing daily start/end time for standup. You will also see marked the average starting and ending time for those 30 days.

Below the graph you can see the actual numbers for average duration, average start and end time of a standup as well as an estimation of the punctuality of the team in keeping the same start time.

You can use average times displayed to refine and set each team's starting time so as every team member can follow.

The bottom part of the image contains average times per team member for that 30 days time period. There is also a marker there displaying the average allocated time per member. Clicking on a member you will be transferred to that member's analytics page.

Planning poker analytics

Clicking one of the task option in the analytics page you can see all the planning poker voted tasks of that type (low effort, challenging or high effort) your members have performed in the last 30 days.

The graph on the top of the page shows how many planning poker voting tasks were perfomed per day and how the average votes were spread.

Right below the graph you can see overall statistics for your planning poker tasks, signifying the average estimated effort, total number of sessions and members participating in planning poker sessions.

On the bottom of the page is a list with all the planning poker voting sessions along with each participant's vote. On the top right corner of the list there are some quick filters based on average task effort.

Member analytics

Clicking on a member in the standup analytics page you can see the details about that member's participation and speak time during the last 30 days.

On the top of the page there is a graph showing speak time for that member per day, compared with an average allocated time (shown with the blue line).

Right below the chart are member's average speak time and participation in standup meetings.

On the bottom part of the page is a list with average times per team that this member participates in. You can click on a team to navigate to the team's standup meeting analytics.