This is a simple countdown timer for timeboxed events. You can access this tool by visiting
Entering this page you will see a big counter in the centre and some controls below it.


The cursor will be already focused on the minutes input and waiting for you to type your event's duration. Once you set your countdown timer duration you can press SPACE or click the play button in order for the timer to start.

You can set the timer by clicking on the second, minute or hour inputs. You can type your duration in minutes or seconds and it will automatically converted to the proper format. e.g. typing 90 in the minutes field and hitting enter it will automatically convert to 01:60:00 in the timer.

The ring around the timer is displaying the remaining time until timer reaches zero, and acts as a secondary visual cue for the countdown.


Above the main timer there is a dot reading "Timer milestone 0" next to it. By clicking on it you can change the text to reflect a milestone that fits in your countdown timer (see "Examples" below for use cases). To add a new milestone in your countdown timer press ENTER or use the button on the left of the play button.


You can pause the timer at any time hitting SPACE again or pressing the pause button. When the timer is paused an overlay is placed on top of the timer with milestones and time spent on each milestone.

While you are in pause mode you can edit the names of each milestone you have set by clicking on it, typing and pressing enter.

Hitting SPACE again the timer resume will resume.



  1. Set up timer to default standup time 15:00 or a custom timeframe you and your team agree on
  2. Start with the first speaker and add the speaker's name as milestone
  3. When it's another speaker's turn add a new milestone
  4. If done before timeout hit SPACE to pause

You can copy resulting milestones/speakers list for future reference.

Timeframed meeting event

  1. Set up timer to meeting duration
  2. Start the timer and update the milestone to reflect the current discussion topic
  3. If you shift to another discussion topic, add a milestone and edit it's name to reflect
  4. When the time is about to finish remind everyone to wrap up. If you do so add a milestone