This is a classic stopwatch with the additional option to add Laps. Visit to check it out.

Opening the page you will see a big counter at the centre of the screen with three control buttons below. On the bottom of the screen there is a bar counting the elapsed time and displaying any laps you add.


You can manage the stopwatch behaviour either by using the buttons below the counter, or using keyboard:

  • SPACE to start or pause the counter
  • ESC to restart
  • Enter to add a new lap


Use laps to signify special points in your count sessions. All sessions have a basic lap called "Lap 0 - Session started". You can edit the Lap name by clicking on it and typing the title that you want.
Any laps added are represented on the elapsed time bar with a vertical bar.

Use laps to separate session by meaning or activity, e.g. "Intro presentation", "10 x Squats ", "Break time", "Brainstorming" etc.

When hovering your mouse over the elapse time you can see how much time was spent on each lap.


Hitting SPACE while the stopwatch is running the timer is paused and a laps view pops up where you can preview and edit the laps you have already add. To edit a lap simply click on each name.

Hitting SPACE again will resume the timer.

You can use the paused preview to copy all performed activity when you are done.


Non time-framed meetings/discussions

  1. Start timer, and maybe edit default Lap name to reflect topic under discussion
  2. Whenever you switch to a sub-topic or change discussion add a new lap to mark the change

Workout (using your mobile)

  1. Start timer when you start your workout
  2. Add a lap whenever you're done with an exercise or switching to a break
  3. Pause whenever you see fit and on workout end.

During breaks you can edit lap names and performance so that you don't interrupt your workout time and keep a record of your performance, e.g. "12 pushups". When you're done with your workout you can copy/paste all recorded activity using the pause preview.