This is a list of items that every meeting should respect. To conclude to these items we used articles referenced at the bottom of this article as well as from our own experience.

The list is broken down in two areas based on importance of listed items:

  • The top list contains most important items
  • Nice to have list, contains less important items that offer additional value to a meeting.

Using the list

You can use this list while planning a meeting to check if you have missed any preparation point, or after receiving a meeting invitation to check against the provided information.

You can click on a list item to mark it as fulfilled, click again to uncheck it. With each fulfilled item a status/score is updated on the left side of the list.

By checking items as fulfilled the URL is updated to reflect the list status, so you can copy the URL and share it with your colleagues/meeting organiser to communicate results.

This list should not be considered final and we always welcome any suggestions, additions or exclusion of items.