To view all of a team's members as well as to edit the team you can click on the team settings link.

From the team details page you can add and remove members to the team, update the team's name and customise the meetings and features that this team is using.

Customize options

Each team has a dedicated set of options to modify to it's needs. Any adjustments on these options will only affect the specific team. Options are available under "Event settings".
For almost all options provided there is a reset functionality to set values back to defaults.

Event customisations are available on Standard and custom plans only.

Customise the retrospective meeting

The available options for the retrospective meeting are about:

  • Maximum votes per member, where you set how many votes each member is able to cast on notes added in retrospective.
  • Votes visibility while in voting step, to set whether you want votes to be visible in real-time as they are casted or not. Default value is off, so as to avoid biases.
  • Duration estimation

Customise the standup meeting

The available options for the standup meeting are:

  • Perform standup directly on Slack, if your company has enabled a Slack integration
  • Modify the standup questions, to match your specific team's needs
  • Setup synchronous standup meeting duration, to adjust the optimal meeting duration for your team.
  • Setup asynchronous standup meeting timeout, to change the time of your asynchronous meeting.

Customise planning poker

Using the provided input box you can change the planning poker values to the ones that fit your team's needs. Simply add values comma separated.
You can add text as planning poker values using mapping, for example to set values as T-Shirt sizes you should write them down as:

Setting planning poker values to text will not affect your analytics. Numbers will still be used to extract suggestions on analytics

Set video URL for meetings

Using the team details page you can set a Video URL that your remote team can use during team meetings. By default Team O'clock supports the Jitsi video call service

You can setup the Video URL while you are in the meeting.