Integration is available both for Jira Cloud and Jira Server through your company settings interface. Clicking the "Connect" button next to the Atlassian Jira integration you will see a popup with the options shown below. Choose either to connect directly with your Jira Cloud service or provide the required credentials to connect with your installed Jira Server.

Jira integration works in combination with a Slack or Microsoft Teams integration and allows you to resolve ticket summaries by referencing them through ticket keys in planning poker sessions.

For example, you can estimate 

/planpoker ACME-344 

in Slack or 

@Team O'clock pp ACME-344 

in Microsoft Teams and the integration will automatically extract the summary of the ticket and display a more verbose version with a link to the actual ticket in Jira.

To enable the integration you need to visit the organization settings page and click the "Connect" button in the Jira integration space.

Update story points based on planning poker estimation

By visiting your organization settings page you have the option to link a Jira field with planning poker estimate. To do that click on Setup planning poker link in the Atlassian Jira settings.

In the popup that opens you can link a specific Jira custom field with the average estimate of the team member votes in a planning poker task. To find matching custom field, start typing in the respecting input.

Please make sure to associate the story points field you selected with all Jira Transition Screens.

Updating your Jira settings will link the selected field with all planning poker sessions your teams are performing, either using Team O'clock interface, Slack, or Microsoft Teams. The selected field will update whenever a planning poker task is displaying voting results. A message updating you on the update outcome will always be displayed when such an update takes place.