Personal notes are a way to keep a personal record of thoughts and feelings you would like to share with your team during a meeting. These notes are private, you can share a note during a standup or retrospective meeting after reviewing and editing the note.

At the moment personal notes are accessible either via the Team O'clock management interface or directly from Slack.

To access your personal notes from the Team O'clock management interface click the link "My notes" on the right side of the top menu.

Dashboard widget

A personal notes widget is available in the Team O'clock management dashboard. From that widget you get high level information about your personal notes and can add a new note.

In the widget you can the total number and your overall feeling based on your personal notes for the last two weeks.

Clicking on "view notes" or "Add note" will navigate you to your personal notes page. If you had clicked the "Add note" option a modal to add a note will be open on your personal notes page.

My notes page

Entering "My notes" page you can see a full list of your personal notes and a button to add note.

You can filter notes in the list by choosing to see all private or shared notes.

A note is private if you haven't shared it yet in any meeting. While a shared note is one you have edited and shared during a meeting.

For each personal note you can see the feeling you had about that note, the actual note as well as information about when the note was added. If the note was shared during a meeting, you will be able to see that next to the note date.

You can delete a personal note by placing your mouse over the specific note to reveal a DELETE option.

Adding a note

You can add a note from Team O'clock dashboard by clicking the "add note" button. A modal to add your personal note will be revealed where you can type your note and select an emoji representing how you feel.

Using personal notes during a meeting

Entering a meeting your personal notes are accessible via the dropdown menu or using the "N" keyboard shortcut.

Your notes will be displayed as a list on the left side of the screen as shown in the image below.

To use a personal note in your meeting click on it. The note message will be copied in the add note input for editing before you share it.

If you are in the retrospective meeting, clicking on a note will open an additional menu to select the column you want to add that note to.

Check how to use personal notes in Slack.