In Team O'clock you can hold a planning poker meeting with your team to estimate tasks you will be working on. You can start a planning poker session either directly in a Team O'clock browser tab, or:

In the rest of this article we will cover the planning poker meeting in Team O'clock.

Starting a planning poker meeting

To start a planning poker meeting in a browser you visit your Team O'clock dashboard page and click on the respecting button.

A popup will open where you choose the team that i going to have a planning poker meeting and hit "Finish"

All team members will be notified via an email about the meeting and you will have a the meeting URL to join instantly.

The planning poker meeting page

The meeting page layout is focusing on your cards and the activity of other team members.

When you visit the page you will see a header displaying the meeting type and team performing the meeting on the left, and two options on the right to close the session and a 3-dots menu.

The main page of the meeting is split into two areas:

  • Voting area, where you will see all team members and their voting cards, as well as the results of a planning poker estimate.
  • Player area, showing your own cards and the task to be voted on top.

At the bottom of the page there is a footer with options for joining a video call with your team members to discuss about the meeting and a team chat, where you can exchange messages.

About the voting area

In the voting area you will see other team member avatars as they join the session.

As more members join the meeting more avatars will be displayed.

Additionally, in the voting area you will be adding tasks for voting, seeing people voting cards and checking the vote results.

About the player area

The player area is where you will be making your votes. This area is designed so that all cards are visible with no scroll needed. To select a card you can either click it with your mouse or use keyboard arrows to navigate across options.

Performing a planning poker meeting

Using the planning poker meeting page you can have both synchronous and asynchronous voting, where members join at their own time to vote for a task.

For starters you will need to add a task for voting by clicking the respecting button in the middle of the voting area. Doing so, a popup to add a task title will be shown and you can start typing. By hitting 'Enter' the task is made available for voting. If you have installed the Team O'clock Jira integration you can type a Jira number in the popup and Team O'clock will retrieve the ticket name and link to display it in the meeting.

When a task is available for voting you and all other team members can place their votes, as seen in the image below.

To place your vote simply select the card that represents your estimate. Doing so a green dot with a check mark appears under your avatar, displayed on the left corner of the player area, and a closed card is added in the voting area.

You can see if your team colleagues have voted by checking for a similar green dot with a check mark under their avatars. For each member that votes a closed card is added in the voting area.

When you want to proceed you can click the "Show results" button. With result visible you will be able to see what each member has voted with a card floating over member avatars and check the average and top-voted cards in the middle of the voting area.

From that point, you have two options to either add a new task for voting where the process repeats or re-vote for the existing task, in case additional clarifications and discussions where shared between the team members.

Finally, when you want to end the planning poker meeting you can click the "End session" link on the right of the page header.

Asynchronous voting

When you are holding an asynchronous session, members can join and leave the planning poker meeting page. If you visit this page and a member has already voted on an open task but is not available in the session, you will see the member's avatar greyed out with the check mark indicating that this member has voted.

Checking previous estimates

To check all the tasks that the team has voted during a meeting you can open the Previous estimates drawer, either using the 3-dots menu dropdown or using the Ctrl+T shortcut.

This drawer contains a list of all the tasks voted during the specific meeting session. If there is a task open for voting is marked with a blue dot.

Setting or changing video call URL

To use a video conference with your remotees you can setup a Video Call Link from the options dropdown on the left of the main button.

This input is available to all your team members and anyone can setup the Video Call URL. You can type and use any video service you are already using.

To access the setup Video Call URL use the link displayed in the middle on the bottom of the page.