Team O'clock supports scheduled meetings for all the meeting types supported, the daily standup, the retrospective, and the planning poker session.

The schedule meeting options are available on the meeting wizard. The wizard is accessible from the Team O'clock dashboard by clicking the plus button on any of the supported meetings.

When in the meeting wizard you will see a new tab for scheduling. The options currently available are for:

  • Draft, where you start a meeting in draft mode to set it up and invite participants when you are ready. To read more about draft, check out Setup meeting before starting.
  • Now, where the selected meeting will start instantly for the participants
  • Weekly, where you can setup a weekly repeated meeting for the selected members at a specific time each day.

You can schedule a meeting for any of your teams or members that are in your Team O'clock account.

Teams can only have one scheduled meeting per meeting type. In case there is a scheduled meeting already set for a team, you will see the scheduling options selected when visiting the specific tab. You can edit to update and save the new settings.

You can checkout all scheduled meetings that are weekly through the Dashboard by clicking the "View scheduled meetings" button in the Agility Journey section. In that interface you can review all the scheduled meetings and cancel any meeting that you are not following now.

If your team has already scheduled a standup through the Slack Integration, you will see a respecting item in the list of scheduled meetings with a Slack indicator as seen below.

When it is time for a scheduled meeting all participants will get an email informing them on the upcoming meeting along with the link to join.